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Job Interview Tips

5 Ways To Know If You've Aced The Interview

By Aryanna Martin on August 8, 2017

The interview is probably the most critical part in the whole job application process. Often used as basis for hiring decisions, this experience can make or break the success of any job applicant like yourself. Not only will you have to impress the hiring manager or your future boss during the interview, but you will also have to remain composed and professional even when faced with uncomfortable and unusual questions.

Below are some ways on how to gauge if you’ve aced your job interview. Bear in mind that while they don't apply to every situation, they can still be pretty helpful indicators if you're still in doubt.

1. Both of you seemed to have a good time

One of the best indicators of a good interview is when it felt like a good conversation with a friend or someone you’ve known already for a very long time. If there were jokes that seemed natural and topics that you seemed to connect really well on, it can mean that the tension or awkwardness had been dissolved. It is likely that you’ve made a good impression on the interviewer.

2. You had more interviews than expected on the day itself

After doing your first interview, you suddenly found yourself doing another interview with someone else from the company. This can mean that the your first interviewer already saw your potential and is already trying to move you to the next stage to save time and effort.

3. The interviewer highlighted good things about the company

When you shared your stories and promptly answered the questions of the interviewer, you couldn’t help noticing how they tried to highlight the good things about the company when possible. If you learned additional info – from company culture, to employee perks and benefits –  this can mean that they were trying to sell to you on the company. Usually, this indicates they want to win you over since they're interested.

4. The interviewer briefed you of the next steps

When the interviewer has already briefed you of the next steps, chances are they're already seeing you as part of the company. It means they're already trying to manage your expectations as well as help you prepare so you can ace the succeeding steps.

5. The interviewer already introduced you to some employees

After concluding the interview session, you noticed that the interviewer took some time to tour you around the office and introduce you to some employees. This is a good sign as they're already priming everyone for your upcoming arrival at the office.

In general, you will probably feel in your gut whether your interview went well or not. If you find yourself smiling and thinking how fun the experience was, then it can be a good indicator that you’ve aced your interview. If you still can’t gauge based on the signs we’ve mentioned above, you can try not to think about it too much. Overthinking can be a bad thing and may only lower your self-esteem and can leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Whatever the outcome of the interview is, each one is still an opportunity to improve yourself and prepare well for the next.

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