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Meet Kalibrr's University Brand Ambassadors!

By Irah Zapanta on July 13, 2017

It’s the start of the school year once again. As you prepare for another term filled with all-nighters and paperwork, remember to treat college as an opportunity for you to grow. Sooner or later you will be choosing which career path to take. Whether you want to be a startup owner, a doctor, or an engineer, Kalibrr is with you in every step. And what better way to jumpstart your career than with our 7 brand ambassadors!

A lot can definitely happen in four or five years. To guide you, Kalibrr is empowering campus ambassadors to encourage you to manage your career as early as now. We chose them out of more than a hundred applicants for their leadership skills, willingness to learn, and career-orientedness. They are opportunity makers – always finding the best match and the best solution just like what Kalibrr does.

At Kalibrr, we forge strong relationships with our partner industries. Now, we want to take the next step and include universities and colleges in our fast-growing community.

Last June 24, the Kalibrr’s partnerships team held an orientation seminar for the chosen ambassadors. The goal of this program is to create linkages between Kalibrr and your university. We have been participating in different events in your campus like job expos, interview simulations and resume writing seminars. We want to be present in each campus, and with ambassadors by our side, we can reach out and serve your needs better.

Here at Kalibrr, we value the service our employees provide. Hence, these ambassadors will have the opportunity undergo a workshops and talks wherein they will learn sales, marketing, project management and more from Kalibrr professionals. They will also have the chance to have lunches with Kalibrr executives and managers like CEO Paul Rivera to get to know more about how Kalibrr started from scratch. Lastly, they can work on their own project initiative for Kalibrr making them experience what it’s like to work in a growing startup.

Without further ado, meet the university brand ambassadors of Kalibrr!

Nikki D | 5th Year | BS Accountancy | Adamson University



Dayana Macapagal | 3rd Year | BS Marketing Management | De La Salle University - Manila



Samantha Sadorra | 4th Year | BA Communication | Far Eastern University



Ma. Cristina Maling | 4th Year | BS BA Marketing Management | Polytechnic University of the Philippines



Blessie Medrano | 4th Year | BS BA Marketing Management | Technological Institute of the Philippines



Catherine Uy | 4th Year | BS Business Administration | University of the Philippines Diliman



Michaella Maliwat | 4th Year | BS BA Marketing Management | University of Santo Tomas



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It’s an exciting year ahead for you and Kalibrr. As you carry on with homework and exams, you begin to discover the many opportunities that await you. Catch us at your school soon. See ya!

Do you have what it takes to be the next Kalibrr ambassador? Represent your school and help your fellow schoolmates find opportunities at Kalibrr. Send in your applications on the Kalibrr website.

Kalibrr is now on Android! Click here to download our app on the Play Store.