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10 Things Successful Jobseekers Never Do (INFOGRAPHIC)

By Marga Salvador on August 8, 2016

Why does it seem like some people are just naturally good at looking for or getting jobs? They always have prospects lined up, they're calm before every interview, and they bounce back like it's no effort at all. No matter how many people you ask or advice blogs you read, there are some follies that just about every jobseeker falls victim to.

The thing is, everyone approaches the job search in different ways and the job search throws different curveballs for every seeker. There are a thousand formulas that make up the job search. Big company + nice interviewer + low salary = ?. Startup + online interview + part-time student = ?. It's impossible to follow a single piece of advice word for word and expect it to work wonders for you. The job search is all about adjusting, learning, and tailoring your strategy (and resume) to fit your needs, strengths, and skills. Look for advice and assess your own situation and whether or not you can benefit or pick something up from what you read.

Luckily for you, the Job Search Coach did a little digging about his most successful players and what they do and don't do while they're on the job hunt.

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