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5 Reasons Why Millennials Love to Work for This Ayala Company

By Poyen Ramos on July 7, 2016

There comes a point when we wonder which career path to take. This moment of questioning leads us to check our options to see, if indeed, our potential career paths align to the dreams we have for ourselves. Future-oriented as we are, we seek for a career that will secure our bank accounts and help us thrive professionally.

And with the country’s booming economy, the forecasts say that it’s growth will spring from the real estate industry. Taking advantage of this, a lot of young professionals have taken the real estate career track, not only for the unlimited income potential and the professional growth but also for the fun and dynamic environment that go alongside it.

alveo 1
Sean Madlansacay, Fosca Garcia, and Alvea Sikat. Source: Alveo

Three successful, real estate agents who built their careers in Alveo Land, an Ayala Land company, speak up and spark five insights as to why you should consider a career in this booming industry.

Meet Sean Madlansacay, Fosca Garcia, and Alvea Sikat and find out why they love being with Alveo Land:

1. You get to interact with different kinds of people.

If you get claustrophobic in office settings, working in real estate might be the working environment you need—out of the office and into the big world. Working in this industry involves dealing with people, so if talking to people excites you, then you’ll most likely thrive in this path.

“It’s a relationship-building type of career,” says 21-year-old sales executive Alvea Sikat, who described working in this field as quite challenging but exciting. “We meet people with very diverse personalities every day, and we get to hone our people skills because of this.”

Alveo Land
Interacting with other sales agents in one of Alveo's grand parties.

With the variety of people you meet in this field, it somehow gets easier to find opportunities to create lasting relationships with your colleagues and clients. The better you get in creating positive relationships, the more you’ll be able to expand your connections, and build your network both locally and internationally.

2. Learning and growing with a mentor, not a boss.

What’s common among the three young, vibrant, and dynamic individuals is that their success thrived not only from the sweat they’ve let out from hustling, but also from the gritty trainings they got from their leaders.

“Our managers in Alveo are really good. My former manager, most especially. He guided me really well, that’s why I am where I am today,” says Sean Madlansacay, Sales Manager, who humbly describes himself as more of a friend to his team rather than a boss.

“My boss trains with a mixture of letting you stand on your own feet, as well as giving you enough guidance,” says Alvea. “I think this is probably one of the reasons why I really love my job.”

Alveo Land
Sean with his team mates.

It’s about learning how to accept rejections with heads held high, adapting swiftly to the difficult situations on a day-to-day basis.  It’s being able to grow and confidently lead your own team well because you were trained by the best. Real estate is a challenging career, but once you know the purpose of it all, the rewards will always outweigh the cost.

“In sales, you learn how to accept rejection, how to work with a team, and how to be creative and confident. This will make it easier to adjust to other jobs, if ever, in the future,” says Sales Manager Fosca Garcia, who bluntly admitted that, in the past, she was intimidated every time she’d talk to foreigners, until she gained confidence when she joined Alveo.

3. A work hard, have fun harder kind of environment

When you think about real estate, what comes into mind? Most people already have this certain dogma of what they're like. But, it's not hard to believe that they are also the most enjoyable people you'll meet.

“Alveo has a young, fresh, and playful environment. There’s a culture here of being open and honest, and promoting healthy competition,” Alvea excitedly described.

Alveo Land, Ayala Corp
It's never a dull moment at Alveo.

“In my previous company, you can really feel the hierarchy of roles. Here, it’s like a family. I was surprised when even our regional sales director sparked a simple random conversation with me.  It was of a serious topic, but it felt very light,” says Fosca. “It is really different here. The vibe is different, it’s lively and fun, something that I was really looking for in a company.”

And the icing on top? The extravagant events and rewards that the company holds for its property investment consultants. “We have these grand events where agents get recognized for their achievements. That’s where you see everyone’s fun side. It makes you feel really young as well,” mentioned Sean.

Alveo Land
One of Alveo's grand parties.

Perhaps that’s the kind of environment most millennials are searching for—where work doesn’t seem like work because you enjoy even the times you are well into the work.  Ultimately, the fulfillment and rewards that you get in the end makes all of the hard work worth it.

4. Be a millionaire while in your 20s.

That is if your hustling powers are on point.  Many people are drawn to real estate careers because of the unlimited earning potential.  Take note of the word potential. Most agents who excel in this industry make their first million in a short span of time.

“Being this young in this industry, people’s expectations of you are really high. You always have to step it up all the time. Be in the same wavelength as your directors,” as Sean puts it. That kind of mindset turned him from a Property Investment Consultant to a sales leader in less than two years, and he is already earning six figures monthly --- more than what people his age are usually earning.

“Working in Alveo helped me reach my financial independence at the quickest rate possible,” says Alvea who first thought achieving this kind of financial milestone was impossible at the age of twenty-one.


Alveo Land, Ayala
Fosca showing you what it's like to be working at Alveo.

“With this kind of environment, everyone thirsts for improvement. So you have to accept change, and level up.  It gives me a lot of confidence knowing that I’m with the right company, investing my time, effort, and my heart for something that supports me, both financially and professionally for the long-term,” says Fosca.

5. You'll have jet-setting opportunities.

A lot of us, if not all, would probably have dreamed of a job that pays enough for us to travel.  Reality, however, is that most salaries today cannot cover for a leisurely travel.  Still, we imagine ourselves hiking up the slopes of Mt. Fuji or taking selfies sitting by a fancy café overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Travel is one of the perks that is experienced in this company. With a career in real estate you can have an opportunity to travel and enjoy life as it is. Many millennials working in this industry have been fortunate enough to travel around the world with their own dime, in their own time. Because all it takes is a blend of motivation and consistency and you’re on your way to your next destination.  

alveo land
At Alveo, it's not just all work.

It is not very often you get to land a job that you enjoy working in, that trains exceptionally well, and where you’re compensated generously. However, if you look closely enough, you’ll see that somehow, the opportunity you were looking for was just there in front of you. Lucky for Fosca, Alvea, and Sean, they saw that opportunity and grabbed it immediately.

You’ll discover that this Ayala Land company is building more than just towers – Alveo Land builds careers.

Want to join in on their fun? You're in luck because they're hiring! Check out job openings at Alveo Land now.

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