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5 Things to Know If a Real Estate Job Is for You

By Daniel Olivan on April 4, 2016

Choosing a career path or making a shift from one job to another is a big decision which people shouldn’t take lightly. Given today’s unpredictable economy, it is important to think this through because some career paths may not be viable in the long run. It would, therefore, be wise to do thorough research on your options before making a career move and to know what your skill sets are.

A career in real estate is beneficial for many reasons—imagine working for yourself, setting your own schedule, and gaining commission for every target you hit. While the possibilities of becoming successful in this field are high, a real estate job may also not be everyone.

Is real estate for you? Here are the top signs you should pursue a career in this field.

1. You value freedom and control.

Perhaps the best-known advantage of working in real estate is essentially being self-employed since most agents work as independent contractors. You are your own boss, which is ideal for a person with an entrepreneurial spirit. You get to set your own hours and work them as flexibly as you desire.

As an agent, you will likely have unlimited earning potential—a salary with no cap. In contrast, a corporate life means enduring long, crazy hours to earn more money and to run into a ceiling on pay once you make it to a six-figure income. There are also a lot of competition in the corporate world, and one has to be the best to make a six-figure pay.

A career in real estate grants you freedom and control over your life. Whether your child has soccer practice or you’re headed to the doctor, scheduling appointments with clients and setting up house viewings are easily worked around a hectic day.

You’ll also be able to take time off whenever you choose, as long as you’re pulling your weight financially. Likewise, the promise of unlimited earnings, more often than not, gives real estate agents that drive to sell even in a precarious economy.

Is a Real Estate Job For You? 5 Reasons It’s a “Yes”(Source: Stratosphere)">

2. You want exponential growth.

Few business owners are able to grow their business to a size they can manage. A successful career in real estate gives you that capability. This is a major reason real estate professionals often start working in firms—to gain experience and grow their skill sets—before going out on their own.

Whether you choose to stick to a single-person operation or take on other agents is really up to you, once your business is going well. But, with a bit of financial success, it’s possible to start a company of your own, especially when you’ve established a network of clients. If you see yourself going through the same trajectory, then a career in real estate is for you.


3. You’re a people-person.

A real-estate person involves dealing with people—seeing beyond them and knowing their needs. If you love talking to people and seeing them as new characters to get to know in a new story, then you’ll endure in this path.

For those who do it well, real estate turns into a “helping” profession wherein complex transactions involving people who have needs are made easy through excellent communication skills. A true estate agent can inspire trust, remain calm in spite of the crisis, and give and receive a fair feedback.

Real estate agents who possess such characteristics can build strong relationships with clients, as well as co-workers. It is, in fact, those ties that turn a real estate into a truly rewarding career—both emotionally and financially.


4. You need a quick and painless start.

It only takes a matter of weeks or months to jumpstart your career in real estate. As stated in Careerealism, getting training and acquiring a real estate agent license is quick and painless.

Albeit money and effort required, getting real estate schooling doesn’t require a degree program or weekly exams—at least, it’s not as arduous as going to law school! If you’re a quick learner and are willing to learn different techniques, then a career in real estate should be up your sleeve.


5. You want perks—such as reduced fees on investments.

If you are thinking about going into real estate as a business, either flipping homes or owning rental units, becoming a real estate agent can save you money. This way, you don’t have to pay the fee to someone else when you purchase your own home.

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No matter how or when you start it, a choosing a job in the real estate industry is a practical decision—the barrier is low and the potential for growth, high. You’ll need to put in the work when you first start out, but in a real estate market that’s actually growing, now might be just the best time to start a life with it.

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