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4 Reasons Why Luchi Cruz-Valdez Should Run for President

By Kalibrr Content Hub on March 3, 2016

Luchi Cruz-Valdez just became extra famous after hosting an intense 2nd leg of the#PiliPinasDebates2016 in University of the Philippines Cebu last Sunday. Although the multi-awarded journalist didn’t apply to be the next president of the Philippines, but based on her performance as floor director, in one way or another, she scored major points on the job requirements. Here’s why she won:

1. Despite all the strikes, she played the humble card

We can’t blame Luchi entirely for how late the debates started, although admittedly she did have a hand in the delay. That’s the thing. She admitted her mistake and willingly took the blame for her miscommunication (regarding the allowance of notes at the podium). There were sneers and cheers for the move but that’s part of the job.

One of the responsibilities of a president is holding a lot of power. You don’t have a boss telling you what to do, you call the shots. If a decision they make goes south, it’s not unthinkable for politicians to cover it up and lay the blame elsewhere. Luchi made the conscious decision to point the finger at herself and not anyone else, like so many politicians do.

Photo by Bernard Testa/InterAksyon

2. Small players have a place in the big leagues too

When it comes to hosting events, much less a presidential debate, there’s no doubt that things will get chaotic. When it did actually get out of hand—where the candidates’ arguments started getting personal, or when they exceeded the time given to them, or when the candidates tried to bend the rules—she constantly reminded, or better yet, ‘schooled’ them with the rules of the game; not letting her position as the floor director hinder her capabilities to talk to the senior players (with respect, of course). She played it smart. She stood her ground.

That’s another thing when it comes to being the underdog. As president, or just the everyday employee for that matter, it’s a conscious job for you show the seniors what you’re capable of, and not be easily confounded when people try to bend the rules. Find the logical reasoning, consult mentors, and make smart decisions. And this is exactly what Luchi did during the debate.


3. For all intents and purposes, she played fair

Like we all probably do, Luchi has her own bet for president. Despite this, she remained neutral with all the candidates, allowing each to speak and cutting them off when time was up. With the heated arguments going on right in front of her, she had to have certain opinions but she kept the game fair for everyone.

The job description for president requires you to represent several parties and sectors, some you identify with and some you don’t. As much as you want to keep all parties happy, not everyone will be pleased with each law or bill passed but you’re making decisions on behalf of a country, and not just people you identify with. Luchi played professional and played fair.


4. She was the real MVP, with all her grace under pressure

Most people would agree that the candidates had the most stressful role of the debate, but imagine being the floor director—the one who keeps the candidates in check. From the constant banter to bend the rules to arguing like schoolchildren, that’s a weight that none of us would have volunteered for, but Luchi handled it like a boss. Her professionalism exuded throughout the debate.

When you’re in a stress-filled position, like being the president of an entire nation, it’s as if you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. But even if that’s the case, you still have to soldier on and work like a duck–remain calm in the surface, but paddle like hell underneath.

You owned it, Ms. Luchi!


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