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7 Bizarre Jobs in the World You Never Knew Existed

By Poyen Ramos on January 1, 2016

Are you tired of the same old boring routine that your job entails? Or perhaps you've been overly distressed of the piles and piles of paperwork you're currently looking at right now? Or maybe, you're fed up with having to deal with lazy officemates everyday? And now, you're probably thinking that you have the worst job in the world. Nope. You don't.

Whatever you think of yours, it's probably not as bad as what these 7 people have to deal with everyday in their lives. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the world's worst and most bizarre jobs:

Odor Sniffers

Source: Reddit

Seriously, nobody wants to smell like they just came from a swim in the garbage. And aren't we glad we could easily just spray on our perfumes and smell like a million bucks? All thanks to odor testers. They are hired by various companies to sniff out the effectiveness of their products, making sure the scent stays with you for long periods of time. But don't judge them for their line of career though because these highly skilled people are paid $35,000 (Php1.6 million) a year just sniffing, identifying scents, and adjust or whip up any scent of just about any product. Bet your dog can't even do that.

Brazilian Mosquito Researcher

reactiongifs ear mosquito
Source: Reddit

What kind of human would volunteer himself as a mosquito's dinner? Pretty sure we're all afraid of getting afflicted with dengue or malaria, so no, not us. But this researcher would—all in the name of science! Veteran researcher Helge Zieler would offer himself  as bait to mosquitoes, specifically the Anopheles Darlingi, one of the most important vectors of malaria in the South American and African regions. In one occasion, he was able to capture 500 Anopheles in three hours. The skeeters feasted on his entire leg a grand total of about 3,000 bites.

But despite once suffering a debilitating bout of malaria, he says: “The beauty of the rainforest far outweighs the thousands of mosquito bites.” Oh, he also gets paid $87,000 (Php4.1 million) a year.

Sewer diver

Cheezburger tv wtf japan home video

When you were a kid, did you ever fall off the canal? I thought so too. We gag at the thought of being down in the sewer, or in our case, the canals we have by the sidewalks. How can somebody merely have a job that crawls, and even dives into the deep stinky sewers that's infested in rats, cockroach, and poop? When we use our toilets, all we have to do is flush our waste goodbye and we never have to ever think of it again.

Well, we all think our jobs stink from time to time, but this is literally true for a sewer diver or inspector. Yup! They are the ones responsible in clearing blockages and repairing pipes by hand, making sure everything runs smoothly in our bathrooms. As if the thought of wading through human excrement didn't sound bad enough. At least they get paid good. Does $25,000 (Php1.1 million) annual income sound good to you? And that's just the entry level pay!



They come out at night, wearing miner’s hats with headlamps and cans strapped around their ankles. Seeking out wet spots with lots of worms coming up to surface, they grab the slimy little creatures, transport them to a worm factory that puts them into cans to be sold for fishing bait. Yes. That's it. But the job's much more serious than that though as it can get highly stressful, specially when it gets a little bit competitive. In Canada in 1993, rival worm-picking groups got in a violent fight that involved steel pipes and setting a van on fire—all because of the most lowly of invertebrates. Well, if you get paid $25,000 (Php1.1 million) a year, why wouldn't you fight over it?

Professional Mourner

sad crying james van der beek
Source: Reddit

When a family member who doesn't have much friends and was not completely adored in life dies, hire a professional mourner for them. You've probably seen that movie with Sharon Cuneta, Hilda Koronel, and Angel Aquino crying like crazy, and making a scene at a stranger's funeral, turns out, it's actually a real career somewhere else in the world. And get this, the pay is not as bad as you think too. How does $20 (Php 900) per funeral sound? And imagine doing three funerals a day, seven days a week! That's a lot of cash for just wailing your heart out to a complete stranger. Maybe being a drama queen isn't so bad after all.

Not convinced? Check this site out.

Animal Semen Collector

ping pong wtf running oh shit garbage
Source: Reddit

Sometimes, animals just don’t breed like we humans do. It's not like they can just walk into a room with a Playbull in his hooves and come out with a sample for the Mrs., nope, they need help. So somebody has to do the dirty job and 'masturbate' them to extract the sperm. Whether it's to artificially impregnate the females or just to study their fertility, this kind of job would still require a lot of patience and dedication. Extracting animal sperm involves either electroejaculation where they send electricity pulsing through the animal's nether regions, use an artificial vagina, and, of course, the use of the good old hand. A tough job, but at least they get paid between $17,000 to $54,000 (Php800,000-Php2.5 million) annually.

Cockroach Farmer

tumblr cockroach imgs

We usually scream like little a 5 year-old girl at the sight of roaches, even louder if they're flying. No one's excempted. Even boys scream like girls. Aminin! But get this, one man in Northern China is making a whole lot of money out these disgusting insects, heck, he has a farm for them! A farm of cockroach. Millions of them. Breeding. Just the thought of it is giving me goosebumps.

Mr. Wang Fuming, the cockroach farmer who's been eating roaches since he was 7, believes that these insects are miracle drugs that even Chinese pharmaceutical companies are are lining up to buy his stash to make traditional Chinese medicine to cure stomach, liver, and heart aliments. Cockroach farmers said they earn about $40,000 (Php4.3 million) every year, and up to $130,000 (Php6.2 million) in a good year.

However, Mr. Wang likes his roach meals fried, drizzled in fish oil, and seasoned with some chili. Still, gag-worthy if you ask me.

And you thought your job was bad. Think again.

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