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Liar, Liar, Resume on Fire (INFOGRAPHIC)

By Marga Salvador on November 11, 2015

When it comes to resumes, we all want to stand out and impress potential employers but where do you draw the line between innocent exaggeration and flat out lie?

Some companies couldn't care less about the accuracy of your resume. They allow fake degrees or deceptive job titles go unnoticed and hire liars. However, most self-respecting companies and institutions take lying and false information very seriously. The cost of which could be anything from a reprimand to getting fired for even the smallest of falsities.

It's a real struggle to weigh fact from fiction when you could be an exaggeration away from landing the job you've been eyeing. Do you walk the road of integrity and let the fate take over, or do you tread dishonest waters and hope you don't get caught? HR expert Liz Ryan says that its just plain stupid to lie on your resume. "It’s foolish to go through the trouble of applying for a job and going on job interviews, just to lose the offer by making up a degree, or a past employer to try and make your resume look more impressive." The people behind the HR departments assess resumes for a living. It's silly to think you could fool them with your fake degree and non-existent coding skills.

If you are honest from the get-go, your resume might look a little less appealing but that only leaves room for you to improve it in other ways. You can study the choice of words you use to pull things in your favor, or you can play with design and layout to make your resume stand out. Deceiving potential employers through your resume is a short-term recipe for disaster. Sure, it could land you the job at the moment but it can also cost you the job later on with the added demerit of a bad reputation that you didn't have before.

Check out this infographic about what people lie about on their resumes and the industries that catch the fibbers. And for future reference, no, lying is never the right answer.

[caption id="attachment_5304" align="aligncenter" width="598"](Source: Undercover Recruiter) (Source: Undercover Recruiter)[/caption]

The lesson of the story? Even when it makes you look more impressive, no one wants to be Pinocchio on their resumes. Your nose grows long and your credibility goes straight out the window.

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