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10 Tips to Survive the Graveyard Shift

By Angeli King on October 10, 2015

A career in the business process outsourcing industry can entail working on a graveyard shift, as employees need to work at the same time with their global counterparts.

BPO employees, especially those handling call center jobs, need to keep themselves awake for the rest of the evening up until their work schedule ends.

So, here are 10 tips to help you stay awake during the graveyard shift:

1.  Enjoy a cup of coffee at the start of your shift.

coffee at work(Source: Atomic Object)">

Having a java jolt to start your night will keep your senses alert and help you focus better on your tasks. And you don’t always have to splurge on a frappe every night, as most companies offer coffee for their employees at the pantry. Take advantage of that.

2. Drink plenty of water during your shift.

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the night to ward off the tiredness. But careful with your water consumption, as this could lead to more than frequent trips to the restroom.

3.Take a 5 to 15-minute nap to feel refreshed.

power nap at work(Source: Health and Sleep)">

Most call centers are equipped with nap rooms or break rooms where employees are allowed to have a few minutes of precious shut-eye. But be sure to set the alarm on your phone and resist the urge to hit snooze so as not to over-nap. Better wake up groggy and go back to work than lose your napping privileges.


4. If napping is not an option, take a short walk during break time.

Take this time to stretch out and take a breather. This is especially refreshing for those who just got off the phone dealing with an irate customer. Stepping outside the office even for a few minutes will surely calm your nerves.

For non-voice call center employees who have the liberty to plug in their earphones, here are more options to ward off sleepiness at work:

5. Engage in a face-to-face discussion with an officemate.

Of course, this should be done while being mindful of your time, as well as the time of your colleagues. You can start a conversation about a work, or about the latest buzz in showbiz or politics. A lively, interesting discussion never fails to keep people awake.

6. Tune in to your favorite radio station.

listening to music(Source: Citifmonline)">

Most phones are equipped with an FM radio that allows users to enjoy listening to their favorite DJ play their favorite hits.

7. Subscribe to a playlist on Spotify.

Spotify on mobile(Source: Social News Daily)">

With Spotify’s wide selection of genres and moods, you’ll most likely find something that is suited to your preferences. The good thing is that you can use many of Spotify’s features without having to subscribe to Spotify Premium.

8. Listen to podcasts.

Choose something that will pique your interest but won’t take much of your attention from doing your job. This is also a good way to learn about new things during work hours.

9.  Stand up.

stretch at work(Source: WebMD)">

Do a bit of stretching without leaving your cube. It will help your blood to circulate properly.

10. Have a light and healthy snack.

light meal at work(Source: Rocky Mountain Health Plans)">

Most of the time, call center agents are allowed to munch on light and healthy snacks on their desks. Grab a small bag of peanuts, raisins, or trail mix to gobble up, or have a power bar for an energy boost.

Now that you are armed with plenty of tips for being a night owl, you can be more focused and alert on the job. We hope that our tips will not only keep you awake, but also help you adopt a healthier lifestyle during your night shift.