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Back to the future: The top jobs in 2025 will be...

By Joseph Cueto on June 6, 2015

Ten years from now, is your job still going to be relevant?

Industries, technology, culture, and people's habits and ideas could and probably will change by vast degrees - that means different needs, and different jobs to fill.

The Fast Company’s Michael Grothaus interviewed three futurists from TomorrowToday Global to get their fearless forecast about the jobs that may come calling a decade from now. The trio, led by their Co-Founder and International Director, Graeme Codrington, says “past trends may no longer be a reliable indicator of future job prospects.” For the most part, we have technology to thank.

Here'ss a partial rundown of what the futurists think will be the top jobs come 2025. Do a quick gauge and see if any of these sound like someone you're going to want to hire, or better yet, be.

Personal worker brand coaches and managers

Freelance professionals who can tackle important issues and concerns for organizations will be in demand. Codrington notes that the job entails having the following skillset: self-management, self-promotion, relentless marketing, administration, and self-development.

Professional triber

When you say professional triber, it means being a team builder or being in a hiring manager capacity. The job requires forming and managing a team to take on a particular assignment. It's relevant now and the futurist say it will still be relevant later.


Freelance professors

Hone your craft now as online courses will be all the rage. As a freelance professor, you can teach online and feed the masses that will be even hungrier for information than they are now.

End-of-life planner

Qith the World Health Organization (WHO) saying that 63% of the global population will live to over the age of 65, this will be an important job. What will be their task? To plan life memorials, funerals and even, euthanasia guides.

Urban farmers

With more and more people coming to live and work in cities come environmental problems, waste management issues, and food supply woes. Urban farmers who can cultivate healthy food right in the center of a bustling city will be valuable in making sure the food supply chain is sustainable and that even just by a little, the globe is taken care of.


Virtual reality experience designer

Today: the iPad, Apple Watch, and smartphones. Tomorrow: Virtual reality. If you’ve got the skills to design great visual reality experiences, it's going be a lucrative opportunity. Welcome to the new entertainment industry.

Smart-home handyperson

Smart-home handypersons will be the new repair men. Codrington says "... there is going to be plenty of work for those who can bring various aspects of the Internet of Things into our homes in the next few decades."

The "smarter" our homes become, the smarter the repair men need to be. Even a house that's fully operational via a phone or a tablet needs a little maintenance from time to time.

To read Fast Company's complete list, check their story out.

Codrington adds that these jobs may say “bye-bye” come 2025 thanks to the rise of algorithms and artificial intelligence:

  • Private bankers and wealth managers
  • Lawyers, accountants, actuaries, and consulting engineers

There are no guarantees these projections will come true. Perhaps a crucial mindset to have is to be proactive. As American management consultant Peter Drucker once said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

As long as you continue developing your competencies and skills to remain relevant to future openings, you have nothing to worry about. Pay attention to the industry you belong to. The same goes for career opportunities that show a big potential for growth. Make steps to become tech-savvy and see how you can benefit from it. Doing these things can be a start towards “future-proofing” your career.

Anyone here want to take a stab at predicting the top jobs in 2025? Be our guest. Unconventional – even out-of-left-field – answers are welcome. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.