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This Is How An FEU Fresh Grad Found Her First Job Through Twitter

By Izza Bacaycay on June 6, 2015

When I was a graduating student, the first problem I faced was “How will I find job?”

Second was my mentality that finding a job in the Philippines is very hard because of competition in terms of which school you came from. If you're like me, you may think that when we apply for a job, the first thing the employer looks at is your alma mater. But let me share my experience about how I got my first job.

It all started on Twitter. One of my friends tweeted about a part-time job her friend was offering. Even if I was a graduating student at the time and I was still busy with our thesis, I wanted to earn money right away. One of my goals was to have a job before I graduated so I asked my friend about her tweet and then I added her friend on Facebook.

Foolishly, without knowing all the details of the job and the company profile, I sent in my resume. That’s one piece of advice I'd like to share - don't do what I did. Don’t find a job or apply in a company you don't know much about especially when it concerns your job description. In my phone call interview I was asked if I knew much about the company and the job that I was applying for. Thankfully, I was able to answer my interviewer and ended the interview with a big smile because I passed.

I waited for one week for a response and thankfully, they accepted me. On that same day, I started at my job. Where did I work? Nowhere else but in Kalibrr as a Brand Ambassador from FEU-Manila. My job is to help my school community find jobs easily by posting job openings and connecting students to Kalibrr in different ways. I also write articles like this one to help give students advice about finding a job.

It all started unexpectedly but it was an awesome experience for me because it taught me that it's rewarding to step out of your comfort zone - otherwise you will not learn more and grow as an individual. Kalibrr helps me to grow and know what I really want for my career. At the same time, I realized you can do more than what you already know and that you can be flexible as an employee and as an individual.

In the end, I know the feeling of being a fresh graduate. We dream really big and have ideals about what career we want to pursue.

Whatever happens, don’t just settle for the job you already know how to do, rather, explore all the job opportunities in front of you because even you don't know what can happen. Think out of the box. Get out of your comfort zone.

Are you ready to go out and jumpstart your career? Then check out Kalibrr and apply for a job now!