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Top 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs in the Philippines

By Vlad De Ramos on March 3, 2015

The tech industry is one of the highest-paying fields today, but which positions make more money than the other? Here’s a breakdown of the 10 best-paying IT jobs in the Philippines in 2015:

10. E-Commerce Strategy Manager

Average salary: P80,000

What they do: Oversees implementation of e-commerce strategies according to key objectives, and manages e-commerce staff.

9. Quality Assurance Manager

Average salary: P82,000

What they do: Ensures that a product or software is working the way it’s supposed to by performing analytical tests.

8. Project Manager

Average salary: P83,912

What they do: Coordinates the efforts of a team in order to design and finish an IT project, software or product.

7. IT Operations Manager

Average salary: P93,800

What they do: Oversees a company's technology infrastructure and ensures that the infrastructure is running efficiently.

6. Data Warehousing Specialist

Average salary: P115,000

What they do: Provide troubleshooting support, prepare technical documentation for data warehouses, and verify the quality of warehouse data.

5. Chief Information Technology Officer

Average salary: P133,333

What they do: Administer efficient database platforms and associated systems to help a company meet its goals while also providing technical support to other information systems teams. Also provides database administration and is responsible for keeping the IT systems up-to-date and introduces new technology in a company's information technology strategies.

4. Information Services Consultant

Average salary: P148,000

What they do: Offers professional advice to clients on how to use information technology in order to meet business goals. They are also in charge of improving the structure and efficiency of IT systems in a company.

3. Security Manager

Average salary: P183,333

What they do: Constantly tests the reliability of information security systems, and provides intervention for potential security risks concerning data theft and security breaches.

2. Enterprise Infrastructure Manager

Average salary: P200,000

What they do: Manages information system infrastructure projects, and oversees and ensures that the procedures are followed during the implementation of the said projects. Also monitors the systems to ensure high level of performance and availability.

1. Software Architect

Average salary: P330,000

What they do: In charge of the creation and design of complex software applications.