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Job Interview Tips

How to Survive A Job Interview in Makati if You Live in Quezon City

By Paul Rivera on October 10, 2014

You’ve done the initial steps in finding a job: sat in front of a computer, applied online, and submitted your resume. Things are going quite well as you have been invited for a job interview. Then there’s a new ordeal to deal with. How do you get to your job interview? If you are from Quezon City, going all the way to Makati or The Fort where most companies are located could seem like a drag just by thinking about it. But don’t let the thought of a dreaded commute intimidate you. You can’t let horrible traffic and incompetent public transportation stop you from your dream job.

Here’s how to make the commute simple(r), fun, and worthwhile.
Pick your battle(ship).

Taking the MRT is the fastest way from Quezon City to Makati. Depending on where in Quezon City you live, take the train from North Avenue, Quezon Avenue, Kamuning, or Araneta Center-Cubao, and alight from the station nearest to the location of your job interview. This could be Buendia, Ayala, or Magallanes. From there, you’re lucky if the office is just walking distance from the station. If not, there are jeepneys that go around Makati Central Business District that can take you to your destination. Look for Ayala Loop, Makati Avenue, or Buendia signages. If you’re going to The Fort, alight from Ayala Station and take the BGC (Bonifacio Global City) Bus. Just tell the bus driver where you need to go and he’d be happy to assist you.
Comfort is key.
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As you are on you’re way to the corporate jungle, make sure that you’re all geared up for battle. Wear something comfortable but professional. Guys have no problem walking and standing in their oxfords or loafers but girls would find it challenging to do so in heels. Girls may opt to wear flats during their commute and discreetly change into their heels before going to the job interview. You can do it as you touchup your makeup or fix your hair in the bathroom.
Amuse yourself.

Who wouldn’t find the stretch of EDSA entertaining with billboards left and right looking like a slideshow every few seconds? Let your eyes wander and wonder how much of these images are photoshopped. Check out new products being offered as if you’re watching Home TV Shopping. Brush up on your showbiz knowledge and see who’s endorsing what. If you’d like to stay in your bubble, there’s your smart phone to keep you occupied with social media or games. Or you can tune out and listen to music. Try to come up with a commuting playlist to get you in the zone.
Arrive prepared.
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Consider your commute as cushion time. Use this to prepare yourself for the job interview. Practice in your head (it would be weird talking to yourself) how you would answer possible job interview questions. By the time you get to the actual interview, you’d be ready to throw lines with your interviewer. He or she may be intimidating. But you’ve just gone through what could have been a nerve-wrecking commute and you got there relaxed, comfortable, and prepared. All you can think of is, “Bring it on! I can take on anything!”

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