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Job Interview Tips

How to Interview - Part 1

By Paul Rivera on October 10, 2014

How to Interview - kalibrr philippines

Most people I meet are terrified of interviews. There are many things they’d rather do - jump off a bridge, run 5 kilometers, anything but interviewing.

The reason most are terrified is interviewing is not something you do often, but when you do interview, it is often high stakes (you’re interviewing for a job!).

So how do you handle these situations and become less terrified and actually comfortable with interviews? If you treat interviewing like a skill, just like basketball or singing, and work to actively improve it, then you’ll do the practice and develop the confidence to interview well.

In this series of blog posts and videos, we’re going to show you how to interview well by providing the tips, tricks, and examples of how to ace your next job interview. We want to remove the mystery and the fear and turn your next interview into a conversation with your next employer.

So let’s start and we’re going to start with the number one tip about interviewing that you have to know - failing interviews is OK and is the best way to learn the appropriate skills to ace your next one.

Most people take failure too seriously and failure terrifies and shames them. Did you know that I, the CEO of Kalibrr, have failed over 20 interviews in my lifetime. I’ve failed interviews to my dream jobs and the best companies. I’ve fallen flat on my face and have said some stupid things during interviews that caused me to fail. I’m an interview failure, but because I never gave up, I ultimately succeeded in my interviews, enough to the point that I now run my own company.

So here’s our first piece of advice: Expect to fail your interviews but also understand that this is part of the process.

The worst thing you can do is fail one interview and never try again (how many of you are like that?). The best thing you can do is fail 5 interviews and then get that job on the 6th interview.

Just like your first 10 shots at the basketball might not make it, you don’t just give up. You keep shooting until you make it and until you’ve found that form and repetition in your stroke to be more consistent.

Your first interviews will be your missed shots. Analyze why you missed and try to not repeat the same mistake the next interview.

Have the confidence that you will make it but know that it is a process of practice and development.

We will get you that job. Stay tuned for our next post!