Biz Buzz: Why is Customs raising funds?The Philippine Daily Inquirer Staff

Barely two weeks after imposing a tariff increase of P40,000 per container, Customs Commissioner Bert Lina announced a second round of increases, causing Filipino freight forwarding companies to seriously reevaluate their businesses.

Government looking to fill more than 3,000 vacanciesPia Garcia

3,320 job vacancies were posted on Kalibrr, an online jobs matching site.

Startup aims to tap 1M jobseekers

Local tech startup Kalibrr Ventures, Inc. targets to grow its jobseeker base to 1 million this year, bullish on the prospects of local and global employment.

Old-school technology boosts Pinoy talent-search start-upRizal Reyes

Kalibrruses the short messaging service (SMS) feature on handheld devices for recruitment, which cofounder Dexter L. Gordon said allows employer and applicant to communicate with each other.

Startup tech firm sets growth goalsMiguel Camus

Kalibrr Ventures Inc., a Philippines-based technology job-matching startup, is setting aggressive growth targets here in line with a broader goal to expand abroad and eventually challenge large technology players like United States-based LinkedIn Corp.

Why 2 Pinoys left US to start a tech company in PHJon Carlos Rodriguez

"I worked in Google but I had an itch, and it was an itch to start something," Rivera said at the commercial launch of Kalibrr.

Start-up launches new free job matching siteAlden Monzon

A local tech start-up is planning to revolutionize the process of job recruitment in the Philippines by offering job notices for free.

Kalibrr sets sights on aggressive expansion programJose Santos

Tech startup Kalibrr is training its sights to be the number one job platform in the country as it aims to expand into other industries after starting out in the business process outsourcing space.

How Kalibrr is disrupting the recruitment industryJudith Balea

Kalibrr aims to redefine how companies hire talent. The cloud-based platform assesses applicants and matches them to the right jobs, and if they lack certain skills, trains them.

Kalibrr revolutionizing RP Job Matching IndustryEd Velasco

Online job matching platform Kalibrr is confident its "revolutionary" way of posting candidates for possible job deployment will bear fruit and will make them a household name in the job matching business.

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