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Internships provide students and recent graduates an edge over other applicants by showing their potential employer that they have had substantial experience working in the “real world.” You might end up doing administrative tasks and be assigned clerk duties, or you might find yourself neck-deep in the actual work that the institution does. Whatever the case may be, internship will always provide you the inside look into the industry you're looking to be part of.

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Why should you should get an internship?

There are multiple benefits in applying to internships such as: developing new skills, beefing up a resume, building your network, and even getting your foot in the door of a company you're set on applying for once you graduate. Internships give you an opportunity to test out the career you are studying for, see whether you would be a good fit, and assess if that's what you really want to do in the long run.

Different in every company and industry. Your internship is what you make it!

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