So you want to be in Customer Service?

A customer service job functions as a liaison between companies and their customers. It requires exceptional people and communication skills so that customers can efficiently be assisted with their inquiries and concerns, whether it be by e-mail, by phone, or face-to-face.

Why should I work in Customer Service?

A customer service career is quite exciting as you get to interact with many people from different cultures and backgrounds, and be their problem-solver. Aside from relatively higher entry-level salaries, Customer Service jobs come with big promotion opportunities, and you also get to be part of a dynamic company that praises your achievements, yet challenges you so you could reach your full potential.

What skills do employers look for?

Excellent Problem Solver
Exceptional PR Skills
Great Communication and Persuasion Skills
Willingness to Learn
Awesome Time-Management Skills

Dynamic office environment, with opportunities to meet and work with diverse groups of people.

Supply and Demand
494 jobs available
2,407,387 candidates looking for work

Monthly Salary Range
Entry Level
P 14,000 - P 18,000
Associate Level
P 18,000 - P 25,000
Mid-senior Level
P 25,000 - P 40,000
Managerial Level
P 40,000 - P 70,000
Executive Level
P 60,000 - P 100,000

Career Culture

Dynamic office environment, with opportunities to meet and work with diverse groups of people.

The Business Process Outsourcing industry is booming in the Philippines, and becoming part of it will immerse you in a promising environment, both for your career and for your personal growth. The industry has grown beyond the simple customer support role, and has expanded to providing more technical services such as analytics and business development. As the industry grows, so does the workforce, and this means careers in managerial positions in an industry that deals businesses locally and all over the world.

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