So you want to be in Accounting and Finance?

Working with money isn't just about balancing the books. It requires the ability to analyze how money goes in and out of a company's coffers, and a meticulous attention to detail to make sure you don't miss a single cent.

Why should I work in Accounting and Finance?

This industry allows you to understand and witness financial practices among businesses, especially if you get to handle more than one account.

What skills do employers look for?

Excellent Accounting and Financial Skills
Great attention to detail
Good organizational skills
Excellent Communication Skills
Deadline Oriented
Statistical Analysis skills

Number crunching and data analysis, mixed with client relations.

Supply and Demand
461 jobs available
3,123,660 candidates looking for work

Monthly Salary Range
Entry Level
P 13,000 - P 17,000
Associate Level
P 18,000 - P 25,000
Mid-senior Level
P 30,000 - P 40,000
Managerial Level
P 35,000 - P 55,000
Executive Level
P 50,000 - P 80,000

Career Culture

Number crunching and data analysis, mixed with client relations

It's no surprise that working in accounting and finance will mean lots of hours behind the curtains. Those books won't balance themselves, and studying financial records isn't always a group activity. However, upon reaching consultant level, you start dealing with clients, advising them on financial decisions. Apart from the big opportunities that await you, working in this industry also allows you to touch base with many big businesses so you can grow your personal professional network, as well as financial knowledge in the industries you deal with.

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