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High risks, high rewards. That's how the startup life works, and you've got to keep up to stay on top. But you also learn fast — and hard

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Startup culture is beginning to blossom in the Philippines, specifically in Makati city. This means steadily growing job opportunities for young entrepreneurs-in-training. If you're looking for a global, evolving, and tech-savvy space, then startup life is for you.

Young, dynamic, driven, but steep goals for fast growth.

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Young, dynamic, driven, but steep goals for fast growth.

Most startups will have a generally more liberal philosophy behind its management style. This is also why younger people, especially millenials, favor and even revere working for startups. It's not all about fun and games, though. Working in a startup means having to make up for the high risk investments made in starting the company. And that means having to constantly adapt to any situation that arises — high risk, high rewards.

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Magic, Inc.
  • Taguig, Philippines
  • Makati, Philippines
  • Pasig, Philippines
Magic, Inc.
Magic, Inc.
Magic, Inc.
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