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Makati, Philippines


Zigzag Travelers was founded on the idea of building a socially aware enterprise that had nation building as its core initiative. Being proud Filipinos, we wanted to empower local communities through sustainable and innovative practices that would put the Philippines on a global stage.

With this in mind, we created an online travel platform that showcases services and products of several tourism enterprises. Our website is a portal for Philippine tourism: it presents a variety of destinations, activities, and options for travelers to select, all with the convenience of booking and paying online. The main goal is to promote local tourism in the Philippines while simplifying the traveler’s process of gathering information, booking, and paying for the activities that they wish to experience.

Zigzag believes that traveling should be done with passion and purpose. For Filipinos, it reacaquaints us with the diverse cultures present in the archipelago. For foreigners, it allows them to not be mere spectators of our culture, but rather: allows them to be genuine participators in the shared experience. Filipinos and foreigners alike are invited to meet people, seek adventure, and discover a new found love for Filipino culture while sharing unique experiences together.

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