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2136 Madre Ignacia Street,, Manila, Philippines


Everything started in the 70’s, when Mr. Angelo King, the patriarch of the King’s group , bent on entering the motel business and decided to work on something most motels failed to give their clients – QUALITY SERVICE. A 38-room hotel in Pasig – the most innovative and the classiest motel of its time was branded by Mr. Archie King as VICTORIA COURT. In the 80’s, the management opened its door to adding hotel to the chain of drive-in hotels and restaurants. He ventured into the hotel industry, thus the birth of Hotel La Corona. After few years of operations, properties performed beyond expectation. The management decided to rename one of its management team as Victoria Court Group. And so the creation of the logo – depicting a classy but mysterious-looking lady in a hush-up motion, with a background of black and silver. It is supposed to embody a secret, and it means that apart from the quality and fast service, Victoria Court also offers PRIVACY, COURTESY, PROMPT SERVICE, WORLD CLASS FACILITIES and STATE-OF-THE-ART HOUSEKEEPING. Hand in hand with its growth, the management is committed to delivering fast, friendly, and first class service to its guests. Motel properties are being reconstructed to suit the discriminating taste of our guests – offering world class suites, each one distinct from the other. Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila was renovated and re-launched in 2011. At the same, the hotel’s Cafe Arquiza launched its menu with featured dishes that won awards at the Philippines Culinary Tourism 2011 competition. Without a doubt, creativity and passion is manifested with our F&B group. Awards were received left-and-right for various competitions like: Chefs on Parade, where Baka Tulasug won gold in the Traditional Filipino Set Menu category, Deconstructed Chicken KareKare won overall gold inthe Philippine Culinary Tourism 2011, and in 2011 National Food Showdown, Kung Pao Belly won second place in the brand competition. As a dynamic company, Victoria Court will not stop at 11 drive-in hotels, 3 boutique hotels and 1 walk-up hotel, offering quality lodging facilities, custom-made for the guests’ ultimate satisfaction. We are a growth-oriented Filipino organization committed on providing only the best the industry can offer and improving the industry’s image. And as the mission of the company goes, we aim for GENUINE HAPPINESS – for everyone, every day, every stay, and in every way.

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