Alamat Kantor


UNHoop Philippines, Inc. was established on October 2009, under the parent company of Kensetsu System Co. Ltd., whose industry involves IT and software development. Because of its success, it has decided to broaden its horizon and try out new endeavors. And thus, UNHoop Philippines Inc. was founded. With reasonable fees and high quality service, UNHoop Philippines Inc. aims to become the best Online English School for ESL learners who wish to become proficient in speaking the English language. Not to mention, providing talented and capable Filipinos a means of earning commendable income. The company’s operations highly depend on the Internet, utilizing one of the most popular communication applications known as Skype as the mode of teaching and means of communicating with students and teachers alike. Since its establishment, UNHoop Philippines Inc. has grown exponentially and is now one of the top Online English schools in Japan known for its quality teaching, good service, and excellent educators. With more than 400 tutors, the company is seeking to expand beyond Japan in providing English lessons. It aims to reach out to other non-English speaking countries who share the same aspiration and objective, to become an excellent English speaker. OUR MISSION We offer Fun, Effective, and Excellent services to help students become competent English communicators and reach their dreams. OUR MOTTO We belive in Enriching the students', tutors', and employees' lives with Free Thinking, Passion, and Love