The Diff Exclusive Concepts, Inc.

Alamat Kantor
Quezon, Philippines


The Diff Exclusive Concepts, Inc. is a lifestyle brand based in Manila, Philippines that believes in the importance of self-expression. We champion individuality and reflect this in our products, thought up for every personality. We collaborate with you, DIY-style, to make personalized gadget cases and accessories with custom designs to fit your own unique style. We provide you with the blank canvas: you make the cases your own. We don’t stop there. We recognize that the backbone of the creative culture here in the Philippines and all around the world are the people who make the art – those who embody self-expression. These are the people who we admire and team up with to bring their work to you. Choose the perfect design from our ever growing collection of artists’ work that expresses who you are. Becoming a platform for artists to showcase their work is our way of giving back to the design community and further the creative culture in the country. Our MISSION is to empower people to let their true self shine.

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