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GLOBAL POWER TRADING CORPORATION Is a multinational commodities trading company based in Manila, Philippines, The company is fully licensed to offer services in various industries associated with the international import, export and distribution. One of the Pillars of TDT is associating and dealing only with credible suppliers. The company prides itself of being back by strong, reliable and innovative world class traders that guarantee that it provides the market with products of most competitive value. By driving business onward, the company pushes industries such as food and dairy as well as chemical and steel to achieve full potential. Our business partners, both suppliers and clines, benefit through high business morale, trustworthy products and highly responsive services. TDT Global Power Trading treats partners with utmost priority and delivers problem free services. The company is committed to achieving a breakthrough in every aspect of its business- - by using knowledge, creativity and innovation to provide its customers of superior consumer understanding with the highest quality and products and services.

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