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TDEVS SERVICES, INC. ___________________________________________ Totally DEVoted Specialized Services TDEVS COMPANY PROFILE TDEVS Services was formed by the De Vera Family whose belief in the combination of cleanliness and utmost customer service is of great value to our society. TDEVS or Totally DEVoted Specialized Services Inc. was on May 2003. TDEVS SERVICES, INC’S incorporators having experience in housekeeping business since 1997 are committed in the services business. TDEVS SERVICES, INC. initials operations emphasized and focused with special projects such as one time cleaning, exterior/interior glass and facade cleaning, carpet cleaning and disinfecting, stripping, sealing and waxing of floors, ground and garden lawn maintenance, industrial plant cleaning, marble treatment and crystallization, comfort room cleaning and housel keeping training. Today, TDEVS SERVICES, INC. offered expanded not only with janitorial services but also with manpower, comprehensive general pest control, selling of cleaning chemicals, supplies and equipments and laundry services. Although TDEVS SERVICES has plans to branch out in the Northern and Southern Luzon and even international in the future, TDEVS SERVICES continues to carry its services giving utmost satisfaction and quality of service to its existing customer. We specialize in providing cleaning solutions and manpower services. We have successfully increased our client base and we gained a reputation of reliability, high quality of different services to largely satisfied customers in a span of a very short time. Our clients have enjoyed the benefits of dealing with one company for all their cleaning requirements. They have increased office productivity and eliminated wastage’s, which lead to a lot of savings. We take of our reliability; our people are thoroughly evaluated and pass several requirements. Aside from the clearances that we require, we subject all our people to a comprehensive aptitude test; medical examination which includes drug testing. They also require attending our own seminar on 5’s of good housekeeping, advanced customer services and a well supervised on the job training to polish their skills. We treat our customer as our business partners; we always put value on all services we render. We package our services to their needs and capacity. Estimates are given for free throughout the whole Luzon. TDEVS SERVICES, INC. invites you to be one of our business partners. We always wanted to be at our service. MISSION • Care to our customers, associates, environment and ourselves. • Provide continuously satisfying, effective, fast and quality service. • Determined to excel in our performance and dedication in our work and line of assignments. VISION Customer’s first choice in providing quality, fast; best manpower, janitorial and cleaning services in the next generation to come all over the Philippines.


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