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St. Joseph Group Inc. COMPANY PROFILE St. Joseph Resources Development, Inc. was established and owned by the spouses Warlito P. Manlapaz, a successful businessman whose career life can be set as good example of struggles of an ordinary employee to becoming an employer himself, and Carmelita V. Manlapaz, a former school teacher. In 1975, with the help of his wife then Mrs. Carmelita left her job as a school teacher, the couple put up a small business, operating fish stalls at public markets in Guadalupe, Malabon, Edsa Central, Farmers and Cainta. By 198, Mr. Manlapaz resigned from his post as Vice President for Finance and Administration at Olympia International Incorporated to concentrate on their business which then was already rapidly expanding. With the success of their business of selling fish thru market stalls, the couple then ventured into fish brokerage. By 1981, they established the company, St. Joseph Resources Development Inc., operating of stalls of fish brokerage at Navotas and Malabon. The following year, the rights of another fish broker company operating at the Navotas Fishport Complex was bought by the company, St. Joseph Resources Development, Inc. In 1990, the company had expanded and acquired additional stalls. This signified the growth of St. Joseph Resources Development, Inc. that led to the birth of one of the most prominent business establishment which is among the top fish brokerage firms in the country. It was listed as among the top twenty (20) corporations in the listings released by Philippine Business Profiles and Perspective, Incorporated for the year 2002. Today, St. Joseph Resources Development, Inc. has an estimated asset of Four Hundred Ninety Eight Million Pesos (P498M) owns and operates a total of twenty three (23) fish brokerage stalls, nineteen (19) at the Navotas Fishport Complex and four (4) at the Malabon Bayan Market. On March 29, 1984, St. Joseph Resources Development Inc. was incorporated and later, its Articles of Incorporation was amended on August 8, 2003 to change its corporate name to St. Joseph Group Inc. On May 23, 1995, St. Joseph Group Inc. increased its capitalization from One Million Pesos (P1M) to Twenty Five Million Peso (P25M). Now, St. Joseph Group Inc. is a Holding Company established for the following purposes: PRIMARY PURPOSE 1.To engage in the business of a holding company; to buy and hold shares of other companies, whether common, preferred, treasury, founders or other kinds of shares, either by subscribing to the unissued shares of the capital stock in public or private offerings or by purchasing the shares of other stockholders by way of assignment in private sale; to invest in the stock or equity of other companies; to acquire rights in the stock of other companies by way of pledge, chattel mortgage or assignment; to sell, dispose, assign, pledge or convey any or all of its shareholdings in other companies in favor of qualified persons by way of private sale, assignment or other forms of private conveyance, all in accordance with the Corporation Code, the Securities Act and other applicable laws and regulations; 2.To vote its shareholdings in other companies and exercise all the rights of a shareholder under the Corporation Code and applicable laws; 3.To do other acts and things, necessary, desirable or appropriate for the attainment of the foregoing purposes. (As Amended on October 26, 2010) SECONDARY PURPOSE To acquire, maintain and dispose of properties necessary to keep the company in operation and to perform other acts and things secondary or incidental to the primary purpose of the corporation. (As Amended on October 26, 2010)

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