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To be known as the leading solution provider in the supply chain and logistic needs of customer coming from different industry and deliver the highest possible level of competency by providing quality, efficiency, and cost effective solutions.


Solutions Providing & Logistic Technologies Corporation (SPL TECH CORP) has been established with a vision to become the leading solutions provider for supply chain and logistic needs.

We at SPL Tech Corp understand the need of the customer to meet and deal with the changing market demands as efficient and cost-effective as possible for we believe that it is the core to the success of the customer’s business.

As a system integrator, we deliver a full range of products and services, from individual products and systems to complete turnkey solutions as a general contractor as well as comprehensive services. We provide a complete range of services for contract telecommunications, manufacturing, automotive, parcel & freight, wholesaling and retail, food and beverage, chemical & pharmaceutical, port and airport industries. Part of SPL Tech Corp’s service is to provide state of the art solutions and technology applications for automating processes in material handling and real-time logistics as well as wireless technology solution for wireless applications such as Wi-Fi connection, etc.

We provide a solution in-line with every customer’s logistic needs by utilizing the most suitable technology that will meet their wants and expectations, because at Solutions Providing & Logistic Technologies Corporation, we believe in “Bringing Technologies to Life.”

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