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RUMBLEFISH CORPORATION Rumblefish Inc. is a software development company that aims to create unique solutions, contributing to ease of use for individuals anywhere. At the moment, our focus is on health and wellness, as well as travel; both reflected on the recent projects the company is developing. Our Brands: MEDIFI delivers remote healthcare solutions by providing a cloud-based platform that connects patients to medical professionals regardless of location. Patients have access to video consultations, messaging, medical imaging, and a personal health profile that allows location-independent medical consultations from the convenience of their own homes or offices. Starting with face to face sessions over our proprietary video calling features and comprehensive diagnostic experience online. VIYAHE, a travel concierge service, which gives users access to convenient travel booking management. The platform enables users to communicate with travel assistants real time regarding any and every travel need. Viyahe features include ticket & flight management, 24/7 customer support & travel assistance, and versatile payment options.

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