Reframedia Solutions

Alamat Kantor
Level 26 Rufino Pacific Tower, Makati, Philippines


Reframedia Solutions is a one-stop-shop Creative Process Outsourcing that specializes in blending Media and Technology for Learning, Branding and Transformation. We help individuals and organizations realize change through the power of customized digital media content such as videos, films, photos and music. Our client varies from manufacturing companies, schools and small-medium enterprise. In providing our services, most of our interface are people from Human Resource, Marketing and Operations. We have just started our operations last year of April and we are in the stage of maturing our capability and capacity as an organization. Inspired by the Cognitive Re-framing Theory, we believe that we can shake existing realities of life by re-framing one’s vantage point. We believe that re-framing views transform actions.

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