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At PCSI, we envision a healthy and harmonious relationship with all our clients and consultants, producing sound and beneficial results for our company but more importantly for all our clients and consultants, attaining progress, development and effecting a positive change in the business atmosphere making a significant contribution to the development and enhancement of the nation's business climate, living up to our social responsibilities in order to make a difference, an overall improvement in the working business atmosphere in our nation and in the whole world. At PCSI, we are determined to turn these visions into reality. Therefore, we ensure that we: Maintain the company's main philosophy of OVERALL CLIENT SATISFACTION. Continue to give our clients TOP priority in all matters. Provide only superior quality service to all our clients. Serve all our clients with enthusiasm, passion dedication. Provide the best answer to all of our client's needs; employ only qualified and experienced consultants. Establish a business partnership with all our clients and consultants. Continuously strive for excellence, integrity and reliability in everything that we do. PCSI takes pride in having as its affiliated United Primover Enterprises, Inc. (UPEI), a reputable company in the field of manpower export. UPEI has successfully provided manpower to Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Incorporated in August 2000, PCSI is engaged in Data Processing (DP)/ Information Technology(IT) as well as non-DP/IT management consultancy projects to both local and international firms. The brilliant people behind the organization combined several years of experience and excellence in their respective fields to answer the client's need.

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