Phil-Asia Plastic Mfg. Inc.

Alamat Kantor
99 Malinis St., Valenzuela, Philippines


J&T Plasticware started its business in the early 90s. Initially, the company's plasticware items were hangers, clips, baskets, trashcans, food containers, plates and many more. The company's mission was to provide plasticware for the Filipino families and to help make their lives convenient. Today, with many years of experience in the plastic industry, J&T emerged as one of the biggest plasticware manufacturing companies in the Phillipines and in the Asia-Pacific Region as well. To date, J&T has been manufacturing a wide variety of plasticware items that include closet, cabinet, chest drawers, kitchen organizers, functional boxes, monobloc chairs, tables and many more that cater to the needs of the consumers. J&T continuously develop a comprehensive line of plasticware featuring modern and stylish designs, outstanding quality, and user convenience. With the few success the company had through the years, J&T is still continuing its mission of providing quality and innovative plasticware items to the consumers. J&T aims to be the country's top choice of plasticware items and be the PAMBANSANG PLASTICWARE!

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