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Outbounders.com is a sister company of Global Sky Inc. a high quality call center company in the Philippines established for more than 7 years by CEO and Founder James Rick Stinson and his partner CTO Dr. Rob Rawson. CEO - James Rick Stinson has more than 10 years experience working in the call center outsourcing field is also founder and host of FullPotential.com - the No 1 Non-boring Source for Personal development. He is author of Unleash Your Full Potential and his companies currently employ more than 150 staff globally. CTO - Rob Rawson began his career as a doctor until he discovered internet marketing. He became very successful as an online marketer leveraging technology and utilizing outsourcing staff in the Philippines to grow his businesses. He is also founder and CEO of TimeDoctor, a time monitoring and productivity tool at TimeDoctor.com.

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