1 opening
Preferred Educational Attainment
Graduated from college
a month ago
Application deadline
in 24 days
Recruiter responds
25% of the time
Recruiter last seen
4 days ago
Hospital / Health Care
Employment Type
Full time
Office Address
Tamsui Avenue, Bayan Luma, Imus, Philippines
Minimum Qualifications:
Graduated from college
  • Graduate of BS Medical Technology
  • With PRC license
  • Well trained in many laboratory procedures
  • Computer literate can communicate with people from different walks of life.
Job Description
  • Gives proper instruction to patients for the right preparation prior to the laboratory procedures to be done.
  • Extracts/collects specimen from patients.
  • Performs routine and special test of different body fluids.
  • Does microscopic examination of blood, stool, urine, semen and others.
  • Performs blood chemistry analysis using automated or semi-automated machines.
  • Performs hematological examination such as CBC (hemoglobin, hematocrit, RBC, WBC, platelet qualitative and differential counts), Platelet count, Reticulocyte count, Malarial Smear, Toxic Granulation, ESR, Clotting Time, Bleeding Time and others using manual method or using automated machines.
  • Performs thyroid function test, PSA, Typhidot, Coagulation test ABO typing, Cross Matching, Coomb’s test (direct and indirect) and other different serological test.
  • Performs bacteriological test such as Culture and sensitivity to different specimen like urine, blood, stool, throat swab, pleural fluid, wound discharge and vaginal discharge.
  • Prepares and examines smears like Gram Stain, and AFB stain, wet smear, KOH. Also prepares Pap smear (Papanicolau stain) to be examined by the Pathologist.
  • Types, records and releases laboratory results in the absence of typist and phlebotomist.
  • Stores and keeps reagent properly. Follows universal precaution in handling biohazard materials.
  • Runs QC/Calibration of different laboratory machines.
  • Helps in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in the laboratory
About Our Lady of the Pillar Medical Center

Our Lady of the Pillar Medical Center is one of the leading tertiary hospital in Imus, Cavite.

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