Organica Nutraceuticals

Alamat Kantor
59 Labo, San Isidro Labrador, Quezon City, Philippines


Organica Nutraceuticals, Inc. started as a distribution company in 2005 that was initially involved in the distribution of cosmetic products from various suppliers. But the company realized that it can have more impact on the Filipino people through the promotion of good health.

Today, it is involved with the marketing and distribution of dietary supplements. Organica Nutraceuticals Inc. is now the exclusive distributor of Sleepasil and Cardiclear in the Philippines. Sleepasil is manufactured in the United States by Boscogen Inc., while Cardiclear is manufactured in Australia by GMP Pharmaceuticals.

Organica Nutraceuticals Inc. envisions itself as one of the Philippines’ leading providers of nutraceuticals that lead to healthier and better lives. The company’s success provides great value to its customers, partners, and shareholders.

We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality yet affordable dietary supplements or food products that enhance the quality of their lives and to giving our employees a working environment where they could grow and continuously be motivated. We are also committed to the attainment of long-term success and healthy profits as these will benefit our shareholders and our families.

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