Optica International Trading Corporation

Alamat Kantor
1470 Galvani Street, Makati, Philippines


For over 35 years, Optica International Trading Corporation, the brand owner of Sprinto, Cybershades and Reederz, has been the leader in the low-range and mid-range eye wear industry. Decades of intelligence, awareness, and style have been spent to deliver only the finest eye wears in the market. Intelligence, in the way we build our sunglasses; with only the finest, durable frame material and highest quality lenses. Awareness in the way we run our Company and being socially responsible with non-profit projects. And for Style, we like to let our products speak for itself. We have worked hard to create a dynamic program that exceeds the quality of our competition and we have also worked hard to create a company that we have been able to stand behind for over the quarter of a century. We aspire to be the best in what we do.

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