1 opening
Preferred Educational Attainment
Graduated from college
a month ago
Application deadline
in a month
Recruiter responds
17% of the time
Recruiter last seen
11 days ago
Employment Type
Full time
Office Address
My Saggitarius Place, Blk. 243, Lot 11 Calderon Street,, Mandaluyong, Philippines
Minimum Qualifications:
Graduated from college
  • At least 1-2 years work experience with Accounting;
  • Strong analytical and planning skills;
  • Good communication and presentation skills;
  • Excellent problem-solving skills;
Job Description
  • Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Project Cost Control
    • Bookkeeping
    • Other accounting functions

Accounting Assistant (Reimbursement and CA’s)

  • Local Disbursement
    • Receives request for payments (RFP) from various departments and prepare the corresponding check vouchers;
    • Sees to it that all RFP are properly filled up by the requesting employee and duly endorsed by the department head;
    • Checks and verifies the completeness of the required supporting documents of the RFP;
    • Maintains file of check vouchers and all supporting documents (official receipts, acknowledgment receipts, etc.);
    • Prepares and records monthly summary of all processed RFPs/vouchers;
    • Records and maintains the subsidiary ledgers;
    • Monitors and prepares vouchers for the weekly transportation expenses of the sales employees;
    • Records all expenses (to include expenses pertaining to each site or project to eradicate/avoid double cash advance application for the same project/site);
  • Cash Advance Monitoring and Liquidation
    • Tracks down unliquidated transactions monthly and keeps CA on file until liquidated;
    • Updates unliquidated transaction by monthly memo and reconciles with employees concerned;
    • Tracks down aging of CA through an excel file system;
    • Reconciles CA against liquidated transactions and supporting documents presented;
    • Forwards liquidated CA to the Department Head for review;
    • Posts liquidated transactions as audited;
    • For any change (CA>Actual Expense), deposit slips are prepared. For a refund (CA<Actual Expense), a check voucher shall be prepared for processing;
    • Forwards all mandatory liquidation requirements pertaining to engineering documents for each project to HRD for filing (liquidated CAs);

Accounting Assistant (Fixed Assets and Mobile Phones/Plans)

  • Maintains master list of all company’s fixed assets;
  • Maintains subsidiary ledger of employee’s accountability;
  • Issues accountability form to each employee;
  • Tags FA;
  • Conducts quarterly ocular inspection of the FA; and
  • Manages the mobile phones/plans of employees in all networks which include, among others, the following:
    • Purchase of units
    • Purchase of plans
    • Advice of loss of cell phone/sim card
    • Disconnection
    • Reconnection
    • Activation
    • Billing problem
    • Transfer of ownership
    • Change of plan (upgrade or downgrade of plan)
    • Review of bills beyond the assigned plan
    • Advice to Payroll of the excess plan for the payment of employees
    • Monitor the termination period and advice to the Head, Accounting who is the authorized officer to claim the free mobile phones; and
    • All matters related to the mobile phone/plan

Accounting Inventory Assistant

  • Records the incoming and outgoing transactions in the warehouses;
  • Records the incoming and outgoing virtual transactions;
  • Records the incoming and outgoing RMAs;
  • Monitors status of RMAs and makes a follow-up with suppliers as to when it will be returned;
  • Identifies the inventory level of each equipment in the warehouses;
  • Requests for purchase of low level equipment or fast moving equipment;
  • Records the incoming and outgoing office supplies and requests for purchase of low level office supplies and forwards to Local Purchaser (Ms. Mary) for canvassing and final negotiation and approval of the Controller;
  • Checks the requests of sales and engineers for the withdrawal of stocks for preparation of delivery receipt based on requests;
  • Conducts physical count every quarter (March, June, September and December) and ensures that her record tallies with the actual physical inventory level;
  • Creates inventory chart of accounts;
  • Monitors that all borrowed equipment should not exceed the 90-day allowable period of borrowing; otherwise, shall prepare the proper recommendation to HRD for appropriate action and to Finance for implementation of salary deduction;
  • Reports any discrepancy on the borrowed equipment;

Accounting Assistant (Liquidation of CA’s and Tax Compliance)

  • Monitors and updates the liquidation of Cash Advances;
  • Prepares report on the unliquidated CA’s weekly;
  • Encodes and uploads the RFI (employer and employee contributions) in the Philhealth system (EPRS) monthly;
  • Encodes cost of sales for submission to the BIR;
  • Encodes importation for BIR-VAT Relief;
  • Reviews encoded VAT purchases for VAT relief;
  • Prepares Income Statement
    • Monthly (internally)
    • Quarterly and Annually (to BIR)
About One Commerce Int'l Corporation
One Commerce Int'l Corporation is one of the leading systems integrators in the Philippines to date. Our principal activities include local and international telecommunications turn-key services and higher-value broadband internet transport and optimization products. Since our inception, One Commerce Corporation has focused on partnerships that offer best of breed technology solutions. In addition to our management team, who average over 10 years of industry experience, our team of certified product specialists, sales and business development personnel add value through our account relationships and technical skill sets. We are focused on effectively integrating solutions into cohesive, productive systems for our clients. Our company has set an eagle eye on new technologies. Our core competencies are defined by our expertise in various fields of specialization for Telecommunications and Information Technology. We are bridging techonology.

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