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Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Ten years ago two colleagues began to work together in the Middle East and Africa and formed an office in Dubai. The office became the most successful part of the company's international offices. Over time they formed close contacts with people high up in Middle Eastern companies and come to appreciate the culture and values of this region. They also appreciated the difficulty companies from outside of the region had in getting their products and staff seen and understood in this emerging market. The Middle East is now recognized as one of the most exciting emerging markets in the World and has a great future ahead. Health care professionals are being sort because areas such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, amongst others, are creating their own independent infrastructure instead of relying upon countries outside of their region. This has created many jobs in brand new world class settings which are highly paid and that come with many extra benefits… Ofinity recognized this and wanted to give health professionals in countries such as the UK and Ireland the opportunity of working and living in an area of the World where their expertise is recognized as being the best where their work is valued and where health professionals are expected to be able to give both patients and families their dedicated and undivided attention.

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