Novagen Pharmaceutical Co. Inc.

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NOVAGEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO. INC. is a drug manufacturing company envisioned to produce pure, effective and quality drug products. Sometime in 1997, the company was established and started as a drug manufacturer when it acquired Litapharma Laboratories in Quezon City. Upon expiry of its license to operate as a drug manufacturer, the company reclassified as a drug trader, whose products are toll manufactured by Sydenham Laboratories Inc. Likewise, the company also established a drug trader, NOVAGEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., INC. whose products are toll manufactured by Myrex Ethica Labs, Inc. However, the company still wishes to honor its commitment to the public to produce high quality drug products. The management thereby decided to establish its own pharmaceutical manufacturing firm, located at #7 Jose Cruz St. Bo. Ugong, Pasig City. The plant, with a total lot area of 1800 square meter, is composed of two buildings: the Penicillin Area and the Non-Penicillin Area, with the quality control laboratory located at the second floor of the Non-Penicillin Building. The firm can manufacture pharmaceutical products like tablets, capsules, syrup, suspensions, powders for suspension, and steroid tablets, with separate facilities and equipment for penicillin and non-penicillin products. The company can assure customers of good quality products through our competent quality control personnel equipped with sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing and with instruments such as HPLC, IR Spectrometer, UV-Vis Spectrometer, and KF-Water Titrator, to name a few. Due to the management’s commitment to the company’s goals and mission, Novagen Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. exerts every effort to continuously produce and make available to the public highly effective products of fine quality.

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