New San Jose Builder's, Inc.

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Victoria Towers, Timog Avenue, Quezon City, NCR, Philippines


Company Profile

With its headquarters in Quezon City, New San Jose Builders, Inc. has strived to provide quality lifestyle e choices for the discerning taste of the modern Filipino since 1986. New San Jose Builders, Inc. brings an innovative approach to real estate development by offering a wide array of choices and methods in owning quality homes in various locations.

New San Jose Builders, Inc. is a privately held real estate company with Mr. Jose L. Acuzar at the helm as Chairman, Dr. Isagani Germar as Co-Chairman and Engr. Cesar Sanqui, Jr. as President. With their relentless pursuit for quality, New San Jose Builders Inc. is able to present a robust portfolio of service and recreational facilities, transport infrastructure, sustainable townships and prime residential condominiums. In New San Jose Builders, Inc. excellence is not a goal, it is a standard that is continuously upheld in all its undertakings.

New San Jose Builders, Inc. has a credibility track record spanning 24 years of quality and pioneering projects that focused on making every Filipino's dream of owning a home come true. Its top managers are esteemed authorities in their respective fields of architecture, interior design, marketing, sales, engineering and construction. To maintain the trust vested by its clients, New San Jose Builders, Inc. ensures that every project is at the top of its class and delivered on time.

One of New San Jose Builders, Inc.'s core strengths is its vertical integration. Having its own construction company gives better control of the quality and speed of construction, as well as minimizes price mark-ups typical with third party contractors. This enables NSJBI to not only finish building more quickly, but to also offer housing units at more affordable prices.

It focuses on building trust by developing quality projects that meet the lifestyle needs of the modern Filipino. By presenting an array of high-caliber projects, New San Jose Builders, Inc. is able to help the Filipino people by giving them options as to where to live and in what kind of community. It strives to continue to set a new paradigm in real estate development by constantly pioneering innovative approaches in developing sustainable projects through continuous improvement.

Our Mission

We are one of the most successful 100% Filipino owned Real Estate Development companies in the country – providing premier lifestyle choices for urban and cosmopolitan living for the modern Filipino since 1 986. Our commitment is to continuously strive to deliver quality projects that meet the lifestyle needs of the modern Filipino and to provide our residents with a community that sees value in our Filipino legacy and a healthy tomorrow.

Our Vision

Our promise is to bring every Filipino’s dream of owning a home to fruition by maximizing our vertical integration advantage, so that we can continuously speedily deliver quality, excellent homes at a cost that is both affordable and worth it.

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