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Founded in September 2009, Namcong Engineering Corporation (NAMCONG) is proudly a leading company successfully researching and applying the cutting-edge-technique of post-tensioning in traffic, building construction and civil infrastructure. Namcong's comprehensive strategy is continuous researching and developing intensive techniques to be applied to construction industry in order to achieve cost-effectiveness and timely approach to the completion of each project. From a solid base of diverse leadership talents, along with experienced professional personnel, specialists, scientists (co-developers) and engineers; Namcong has been continuously improving its standing in the post-tensioning market on the ground of: 1. One professional team of more than 60 energetic engineers with master degree and 22 efficient team leaders experienced and effective in management skills 2. Namcong's management system has been tested and certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008. 3. One the training system to apply techniques and skills for designing the structural projects in accordance with the standards: TCVN & TCXDVN; BS EN 1990; BS EN 1991; BS EN 1992; BS EN 1993; BS EN 1998; BS 8110; ACI 318:2002; AS 3600; PTI. 4. Our Research and Innovation Department which has been consecutively improving construction method to perform higher quality work in the safest and the most economical manner. 5. Our consistent philosophy of Respect for Customers, Quality workmanship, Timely construction, Safest work conditions maintenance, Cost effectiveness all contribute to achieve Customers Satisfaction. Thanks to our engineering excellence and project management expertise, Namcong has been obtaining supports and building strong credibility from our clients to improve and affirm our standing in post-tensioning market From the experience and achievements that Namcong has gotten, shown in the next pages, we would like to invite and welcome you to visit the projects that are being processed or have been completed.


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