Multi-Forms Corporation

Alamat Kantor
13 - 17 G. del Pilar St., Quezon, Philippines


MULTI-FORMS CORPORATION, established 39 years ago, is a technologically advanced manufacturing entity with heavy investments in R&D, all focused on paper and paperboard coatings, security ink, security paper, polyethylene terephthalate coated paper for the food industry that complies with the US FDA CODE OF RESTRICTIONS on paper for direct contact with food items. We are pioneers in aqueous microencapsulation technology for Carbonless papers in the ASEAN region with Licensee's in Malaysia, Thailand, China (3 Licensee's). We also manufacture security paper, security inks, anti-fraud labels. Thermal paper is one area where we excel and we have licensed our know-how to other countries. Multi-forms Corporation was awarded a "Rising Star" citation by the DTI GOLDEN SHELL AWARDS for excellence in Technology Transfer for paper coating know-how, process control, and turn-key projects to the International Market since 1985 up to the present. We are one of the PCHC accredited security printers for the financial institutions, and are an NPO accredited Class A security printer that link the security document needs of government institutions. Please email your applications and resume with photo to: Please furnish copy of NBI clearance, transcript of records, and other references to help us make decisions quickly. Interview invitations will be sent via email. WHY JOIN US? Our company policy on compensation is performance-based, package is flexible commensurate with the applicant's qualifications and experience.

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