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Established in 1990, Media Plus Consulting specializes in the production of the International Country Report. With our headquarters in Cyprus and production offices in Brussels, London and Dubai, Media Plus is a multi-cultural, multi-faceted and dynamic organization that is constantly growing. We believe in diversifying our products and developing our people to achieve all-around success.

The concept of the economic country report is not only a thriving business model for our enterprise, it also provides a substantial voice for countries all over the world in the global market place.

Media Plus Consulting recruits and trains people to work for international press and advertising agencies specialized in the production of promotional economic country reports, which are directed at the world’s business community. We work on an exclusive basis with press and advertising agencies located in Europe and the United States.

These agencies produce country reports that aim to inform readers of the economic conditions, investment climates and the business opportunities worldwide. Such information is gathered through personal meetings with government ministers and managing directors of presidents of the nation’s top 100 companies.

The content of the country report covers both editorial and commercial perspectives. The representatives have the unique chance to sell to decision-makers in various challenging and competitive environments.

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