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With a surging need to find competent individuals driven for success, the company emerges as a leader and a competitive force in the selling business. The organization is supported by a management geared towards achieving its goal. The company commenced its corporate existence under the strong and dedicated leadership of its Principal Founder and Corporate Executive Officer MACARIO D. ROQUE, JR., The Company was established to sustain the continuing needs of different principals and other prominent companies for top caliber sales distributors. Through the effective administration of its said founders, The Company continues to provide relevant trading and distribution services, complementary to the principal’s wide expectations. Its area of concentration is constantly focused on the conveyance of the effective trading practices with a genuine sense of responsibility in prevalence with the legitimate authority and its paramount concern. The organization emerged as a strong component of the countries business enterprise and continuously assists the government in uplifting the standards of trading industry in the country. Consequently, throughout the years, several changes have been made to continually strengthen the organization. The company still bears the original thrust in which it was established by its incumbent founders. Products and Services Foods, Beverages, and Telecommunications CORPORATE MISSION, VISION and CORE VALUES As we move our quest to make our Company the leader in trading and distribution industry, we must nurture a common culture of positive values that will propel us together towards a common goal. Let us share these values of Customer Orientation, Excellence, Teamwork, Discipline, Integrity, Goal Focus, and Leadership and let these become our guide in our quest for superior distinction. We are encouraging everyone to uphold and adapt the standard of these values. Together, we will succeed as long as we let ourselves be guided by these principles. MISSION We, at MDR Group of Companies, are dedicated to strive for excellence by continuously improving our performance, goals, and processes to meet client & community requirements and expectations. VISION To become the no.1 leading enterprise that provides a remarkable service to clients through our value-adding people.

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