Alamat Kantor
Rm. 310 3/F Doña Consolacion Bldg., Edsa Araneta Cubao Q.C, Quezon, Philippines


COMPANY PROFILE THE NAME A midst the competition in the business world are people. People whose efficiency and effectiveness is within the parameters of corporate, industrial and institutional standards. MARVIN JOHNSON MANPOWER CORP., was established to venture in the business of providing its clientele the services of manpower pooling, selection, training and staffing. In most appropriate terms, MARVIN JOHNSON MANPOWER CORP., sees itself at the forefront of the services where it will pool, select, train and deploy wards of diligent, dependable and productive workforce for the business world. THE BUSINESS MARVIN JOHNSON MANPOWER CORP., line of business is basically the provision of manpower services, training development of human resources. It specialized in providing highly trained and skills temporary or seasonal manpower workforce to suit the needs of the clientele at costs affordable to them. MARVIN JOHNSON MANPOWER CORP., expertise, among others, is to contract jobs for plant operations, supply workforce for companies and factories including restaurants and food establishments. It also provides services to recruit, screen, select and train qualified employees prior to deployment to all sorts of business concerning line product marketing and promotions. MARVIN JOHNSON MANPOWER CORP., also conducts executive search for top calibre professionals for deployment to key company positions and in staffing of offices and institutions. SERVICES OFFERED 1. Manpower Services 2. Promodizers / Sales Promo 3. Messengerial Services 4. Production/Factory Worker 5. Cashier 6. Janitorial and Building Maintenance 7. Ground an Landscape Maintenance 8. Utility and other Allied Services 9. Office Staff


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