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Manila, Philippines


Who We Are Magsaysay People Resources Corporation (Magsaysay) is one of the world’s leading human resource companies. Established in 1948 as an international shipping company in the Philippines, Magsaysay has since become one of the largest providers of skilled manpower and human resource solutions for the global shipping and cruise industries. Over the years, Magsaysay has expanded its services to the hospitality and tourism, healthcare, oil and gas and specialized engineering and trades industries. Our philosophy of investing in people development and caring for the welfare of our people and their families has been the foundation of our success and growth. Our service is anchored on building a human resource pipeline for each industry that we operate in and for each of our customers. We have an abundant source of talent, preparing, training and qualifying them for the specific jobs that they will perform and retaining them within an exclusive pool for each of our customers. Through a network of offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Eastern Europe, Central America and North America, Magsaysay is able to provide its customers access to a culturally-diverse pool of well-trained and competent professionals.

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