Office Address
Unit 605 Mervin Terraces Condominium 980 Pablo Ocampo St. Malate Manila, Malate, Philippines


Company Profile Enterprising man and women to cater the needs of the business community for temporary or seasonal manpower, and to provide the employment opportunities to all initiated the birth of IVATAN Manpower Services. IVATAN Manpower Services was registered with the department of trade and Industry on October 28, 2014 With office located at Unit 605 Mervin Terraces Condominium 980 Pablo Ocampo St. Malate Manila Initially, our aim was to meet the manpower needs of merchandising companies, but as our client’s need changed, we have likewise, changes and adapt to the moods of times. We have since then pooled, trained and placed personnel to serve the following services: 1. Office Personnel 2. Promo / Merchandisers 3. Factory Auxiliary / Delivery helper 4. Utility and other allied services 5. Driver (w/ professional driver license restricted 2) In addition, we can recruit personnel for companies various staffing needs, we screen and evaluate job applicant for clerical, technical supervisory and managerial positions. Candidates have to pass our rigid physical and mental examinations. Likewise, character and background investigations have to be conducted prior to dispatch and final acceptance by the client companies. Our vision is to establish formal training program wherein our people can properly and effectively be trained to acquire different skills that can support our trade and industry in its various services at the least possible cost and time.


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