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Insular Life was established on November 25, 1910 at a time when the Philippines was flexing its wings as an independent country. Today, as the Philippines' leading and largest Filipino life insurance company, we take pride in our role in securing the lives of Filipino families for over 100 years. Our roster of products -- from ordinary whole life, endowment, and limited-payment plans, to pension, college education, group, and investment-linked plans -- are attuned to the changing needs of individuals as they move through life's different stages, providing them with the means to successfully plan for and achieve their family's financial security. Insular Life is anchored on six fundamental corporate values: Love of God and Country, Integrity, Excellence, Prudence , Respect for the Individual, and Teamwork. Through years of growth and of struggle, these values have remained constant, guiding generations of Insular Life officers and employees in serving hundreds of thousands of its policyholders. Insular Life has a long tradition of steadfast commitment to its policyholders. The Company demonstrated this trait most vividly during World War II when it honored pre-war and Japanese occupation commitments regardless of its toll on the company's reserves. As one of the pioneering life insurance companies in the Philippines, Insular Life is credited for introducing a number of groundbreaking moves in the industry. In 1953, it introduced the first school of insurance in the Philippines. The following year, it lowered its premiums -- the first insurance company to do so. In 1958 Insular Life introduced what would soon be a hugely successful business line: industrial life insurance which was intended for lower income-earning Filipinos. Insular Life's most significant step, however, was its mutualization, completed in 1987, which effectively made Insular Life's policyholders part Owners of the company. Insular Life today is the only Filipino life insurance company among the top five industry leaders. It continues to deliver a solid performance, posting P3.2 billion in net income by end of 2012. A cornerstone of Insular Life's financial stability is its strong asset base which has consistently increased through the years, reaching P89.6 billion in 2012. Its business-in-force of P219.2 billion reflects a growing number of policyholders.

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