Inksurge Graphic Design Studio

Alamat Kantor
4C 8101 Pearl Plaza Bldg., Pasig, Philippines


INKSURGE. Brewed in Manila, Philippines 2002. A design studio concocted by digital baristas and authentic coffee junkies A visual stimulant. A creative brewery. An excuse for waking up late. An excuse for staying up later. Steeped in a rich passion for visual arts both as a communication and a public contribution, the INKSURGE trademark extends from collective idea generation to project development to creative execution. An immersive design culture between their various clients and project collaborators -- -- a design culture that has gained recognition from the local and international web design, print, and interactive scene, making the INKSURGE blend rich in concoction. Caffeine overdrive, a restless imagination, and a burn for creation make a genius brew, after all

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