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We’re one of Europe and Asia’s top consumer finance lenders We stand for leadership in responsible lending We provide small loans to people buying durable goods It could be financing for a mobile phone, a washing machine, or even a motorbike – or it can be a cash loan Who are we and what do we stand for? We do this primarily through Point-of-Sale outlets inside stores for financing and through our branch network for cash loans We also offer credit card facilities, and in selected markets we even provide retail banking services We want to help our clients realise their dreams in a financially secure way We only offer them products they can afford, and we teach them financial literacy along the way ABOUT US Countries we operate in 10 Customers in our database 38,6 million Distribution points 139,612 Total assets €9.3 billion Full-time employees 51,400 Our achievements in numbers Operating income €2,542 million Customers’ deposits €5,105 million Active customers 7.7 million Net loan portfolio €7,171 million NPL ratio 12.2% Cost to income 36.4% RoAA 3.3% ABOUT US OPERATIONS *10 countries including Vietnam, which is not part of the other consolidated figures shown above Home Credit’s global presence Home Credit operations Czech Republic – since 1997 Slovakia – since 1999 Russia – since 2002 Kazakhstan – since 2005 Belarus – since 2007 Vietnam – since 2009 China – since 2007 India – since 2012 Indonesia* – since 2013 Philippines* – since 2013 * Pilot projects

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