Health Cube

Alamat Kantor
226 Wilson St., Greenhills San Juan, San Juan, Philippines


Since 2006, Health Cube has been providing quality medical care and reaching out to more and more patients with its unique experience of service. It was created by a group of medical specialists who believe that personalized healthcare will provide a more pleasant atmosphere for discerning patients who want affordable and quality care in an out-patient setting. Health Cube offers a variety of services ranging from laboratory, imaging, cardiovascular services, an endoscopy unit, and is PhilHealth accredited as an Ambulatory Surgical Unit. The center takes great pride in its roster of Internal Medicine specialists which range from Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Neurology andothers. It has also added a team of Surgeons, OB-Gyn, Ophthalmologists, Nutrition Medicine specialists and others as itexpands to provide more services to patients.

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